Sunday, October 11, 2009


I want my high school body baaaacckkkk.................

I wish I still had that snobby " I only eat healthy food" attitude back where I looked with disdain at anything fried or processed.

That was back before all night partying at fraternity houses and living with roomates.

Back before I realized the genius of Ramen and the convenience of a Mcdouble with fries for only $2.17.

Sad, Sad day.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I. ALWAYS. Do. This.

SO , here I am jazzed up on coffee at two a.m., supposed to be studying for a test. What am I doing? Not studying . Thats for darn sure.

I am however, listening to Eric Hutcinson, whom I have adored for the past two years, but just recently got my roommates hooked on :) If this were facebook, I would "like" this. Bethany learned "Oh" and I got to sing and Elisa harmonized- so fun. I wish I could quit school and fiddle around with musical people for as long as I lived. Once I find my camera cable I think I will post the video... very amusing.

Also, I realized tonight how quickly I have blown through my school money- yikes. I do NOT " like" this. I love to make budgets but can't stick to them. Its because I eat out and tip like I'm a big shot. I also realized that my savings account has like a 1 percent interest rate.....1 percent....I'm LOSING money when you think about the rate of inflation (thanks Washington)... what a crock.

I think money is a concept made just to make people work for stuff they don't need. I hate it, hate handling it at the cash register, hate having to pay for things with it, hate the fact that the whole world spins around on a set of values predetermined by someone somewhere else and then the markets take control with all of the rises and falls, bleh. If only we lived like in Ishmael and were leavers instead of takers. I love that book...

Speaking of books, I have developed a running list of things I want for Christmas, I'll read anythins but goodness knows I love me some historical fiction and fantasy...