Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its Cinco de Mayo!!

.... and I have nothing to do but work. The boyfriend got a bad sunburn and poison from a fig tree root, from which the stress induced his body to break out in hives... otherwise known as shingles. This is not fun, he is moody,and I am bored.

Anyways, just to shed some light to people who don't know, retail is possibly the worst service industry to go into, worse than waitressing by far. People wreck tables, destroy dressing rooms, return items they have clearly worn just so they can get back some money they shouldn't have spent in the first place, and basically make me want to flip script and make them all leave.

My manager went to the doctor the other day and brought back those surgical masks like people wear in Asia to protect against avaian flu, since the whole "H1- N1" virus or whatever is rampaging through the north american continent . I thought it would be a brilliant idea if all of us at work wore them to ward off customers... just tell them we were being cautious against an outbreak, I swear they would turn around and leave- then maybe I could complete a display before having to unlock a dressing room for someone wanting to try on 3 articles of clothing in the same size and color. ....

or... my manager's husband broke his leg. In several places. It is really gross and she had pictures from the hospital before they put in screws and other such medical thingsmabobbers. Anyways, I saw them and said we should put the picture on the t-shirt table with a lable that says " this is what happens when you shoplift", or " this is what happens when you pick up t-shirts and mess up the entire table."

I guess I'm a little bitter.

I'm sorry.

It just has to come out somewhere.