Saturday, July 18, 2009

So... its been a while

okay, so its been a while since i have gotten on this blog and i have realized that I only do this when i am up too late and start letting my mind ramble on.

I have an odd way of executing retail therapy. I have a kinda mixed up relationship with the mirror right now so clothes don't really do it for me, therefore i went on ebay and bought this...

Its a really retro 70's science fiction series that my uncles read that I found in my grandmother's attic, there are 10 books in all and I only found 6- which means i had to find it. I searched , I found, I'll recieve the book and all will be well in my world. Problem, solution. Retail therapy at its finest.

Also, I haven't posted any pictures from my world travels. Let me break it down for the masses- Costa Rica and Panama are beautiful. It was such an amazing experience I cannot wait to go back for longer. My Spanish skills are so much better, in fact, my boyfriend and I have taken to speaking it around our friends whenever we drink- we think its funny and they think its... annoying.

Ill upload some pics and unload some of my memories later.